Staff Application Process

  1. For all NEW applicants please visit to begin your staff application.
  2. All RETURNING applicants please visit to complete your staff application using your Staff Dashboard.
  3. All staff members are expected to review the job description for the position in which they are applying for PRIOR to completing an application. Any questions about the job description are expected to be addressed prior to accepting a position with Camp Haiastan.
  4. Prior to doing anything else, contact your references to let them know you are applying to work at Camp Haiastan, and to expect a phone call or email from camp. The Massachusetts state law requires ALL applicants to have three references on file prior to arriving at camp for the summer. Camp Haiastan will NOT accept any reference received from a family member, friend or current employee.  Consider utilizing resources such as teachers, coaches or previous employers.
  5. You will be contacted within one week of submitting your application to confirm receipt and to schedule you for an interview based upon the availability noted in your application. You will NOT be contacted unless your ENTIRE application is complete.  A complete application includes the following:                                                                                                                                                   -Basic Information complete                                                                                                                                   -Education and Employment information completed in full                                                               -All 3 references listed and contacted                                                                                                         -Completion of all General Application Questions                                                               -Completion of “Position-Specific” application questions IF applicable                                      -Upload of all required certifications IF applicable

If you have submitted all of the above information but do not hear from Camp Haiastan within one week of submitting your application please email

  1. Please allocate 30 minutes for your interview. If there is a conflict with the day and time you are assigned for an interview, please let us know.
  2. ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE IN FULL BY MARCH 15th. Preference is given to those who are able to work the full nine weeks of the summer.

 Meet our Staff!

Our Executive Director

David Hamparian will begin his fifth summer as the Executive Director of Camp Haiastan. David is well acquainted with Camp Haiastan having been a camper for seven years, and the Summer Director in 1990. He was an active member of both the Watertown “Gaidzag” and Boston “Siamanto” AYF Chapters, and Boston Homenetmen. David lives in Belmont, MA with his wife Tamar who assists with camp nursing, and two boys Kevork and Daron who have spent most of their lives as campers or staff members in the summer months. He is an active member of the Boston AYF Alumni and a member of St. Stephen’s Armenian Church. David looks forward to continuing to advance the camping program, and to uphold the traditions and values that make Camp Haiastan a unique experience for the Armenian youth.

Our Resident Caretaker

John Miller returns for his sixteenth year on staff as Camp Haiastan’s caretaker. He maintains the grounds throughout the summer and the off-season. John is an Eagle Scout, and has lifeguard and aquatic director certifications — he’s an all-around seasoned outdoorsman.

Our Board of Directors

Camp Haiastan’s rich tradition and high standard of quality experience is upheld by our Board of Directors. These individually have dedicated much of their lives to the well-being of the camp and many began as campers themselves! Below is our list of current board members:

Michael Guzelian, Chairman Massachusets
Steve Mesrobian, Treasurer Massachusetts
Raffi Varjabedian, Secretary/Clerk Massachusetts
Hagop Soulakian Illinois
Peter Jelalian New Jersey
Siran Tamakian Massachusetts
Mimi Parseghian Massachusetts
Hratch Najarian Washington DC
David Papazian Pennsylvania
George Aghjayan BOD ARF Liaison
MaryAnne Bonjuklian BOD ARS Liaison
Kyle Dinkjian BOD AYF Liaison

For all inquiries or to contact any of the board members or executive director, please email with the individual’s name in the subject line whom you would like to contact.

2018 Staff

Arev Dinkjian Summer Director
Armen Alashaian Cabin Counselor
Gayane Kaligian Staff In Training
Nishan Avedikian Cabin Counselor
Talar Bagdasarian Head Counselor
Patil Tcholakian Cabin Counselor
David Barsamian Cabin Counselor
Ani Changelian Day Camp Director
Sena Changelian Cabin Counselor
Alexis Cormier SIT Program Leader/Health Center Assistant
Nina Dakesian Cabin Counselor
Anna Shahtanian Cabin Counselor
Jacqueline Fales Lifeguard
Haig Nadjarian Cabin Counselor
Anoush Gigarjian Cabin Counselor
Adrineh Guzelian Staff In Training
Isabel Hagobian Cabin Counselor
Garen Soukiasian Cabin Counselor
Thomas Houle Head Cook
Taleen Donoyan Armenian School Teacher
Njteh Hovsepian Cabin Counselor
Tsoline Karakelian Cabin Counselor
Lauren Farmer Residential Nurse
Armand Keosian Cabin Counselor
Antranig Keshgegian Head Counselor
Rozi Yesayan Cabin Counselor
Meghrik Moughalian Lifeguard
Sarinar Khrimian Lifeguard
Victoria Ezgilioglu Cabin Counselor
Seran Krikorian Aquatics Director
Meline Almasian Cabin Counselor
Sanan Mahrokhian Staff In Training
Anahid Donoyan Armenian School Teacher
Meline Markarian Staff In Training
Gregory Masrof Cabin Counselor
Haig Megerdichian Cabin Counselor
Lauren Billeh Lifeguard
Sevag Sanikian Cabin Counselor
Knar Alashaian Staff In Training
Arevig Setian Residential Nurse
Lucine Alashaian Cabin Counselor
Kohar Sanikian Cabin Counselor
Aram Parnagian Cabin Counselor
Ani Ouligian Cabin Counselor
Berj Vartanian Lifeguard
Emin Abrahamian Junior Staff In Training
Gregory Cormier Junior Staff In Training
Ema Bandazian Cabin Counselor
Raphael Yeremian Staff In Training
Paze Yeremian Cabin Counselor


Staff FAQ’s

Camp jobs offer invaluable skill-building, leadership, training and enrichment opportunities found nowhere else. We look for candidates who love working in the outdoors, being Armenian, and  are physically active and great with kids.

Do I need to commit to work the entire summer (4 two-week sessions plus Staff Training Week) in order to be hired?
We highly encourage staff candidates to commit to work the full season (Staff Training Week and 4 two-week sessions).  This is one of the top priorities for you to be offered employment as we will consider full-season applicants and returning staff applicants first.  However we are realistic and know that circumstances may not allow every applicant to offer this commitment. On the Seasonal Summer Staff Employment Application you will be asked to designate your work commitment (all staff must attend Staff Training Week prior to beginning work regardless of the length of commitment). Our staff application process is very competitive as we are successful at attracting a large number of applicants and our hiring process is more favorable toward qualified applicants offering a full-season work commitment.
When should I apply for a staff position?
As soon as the Summer Staff Applications are posted on this website (usually January).  The deadline for submitting a complete application including all supporting documents is April 1.  We will not consider incomplete or late applications.  Staff candidates will be interviewed during February, March and early April and hiring notices will go out as soon as possible (after April 15).
Can I bring my car to camp?
Yes. However, the camp has policies regarding staff owned cars at camp that you must abide by.  Note that you must be at least 18 years of age in order to bring a car to camp
Does the staff sleep in the same quarters with campers?
Except for the very youngest cabin group of campers, Cabin counselors have separate quarters adjacent to their campers. Non-counseling staff have separate male and female cabins. In all cases living space is at a premium — only bring your necessities!
What if I take medications?
The Camp Nurse securely stores and dispenses all medications, prescription or over-the-counter, for all campers and staff while at camp. You will meet with the Nurse upon arrival and provide him/her with all your medications.  Your medications (prescription and OTC) must be in their original container labeled with full information, and you must submit a Staff Medication Authorization Form.
Will I have Internet access while at camp?
Yes, Camp Haiastan maintains a wireless encrypted broadband connection for the personal use of staff when they are not on duty.  Access to the camp’s broadband connection with your own laptop or Internet device is outlined in the Staff Handbook and discussed during Staff Training Week.
When will I get paid? Do I need cash at camp?
Paychecks are issued once each session.  Paychecks will be direct deposited to your bank account. Cash needs are minimal, but you may need things occasionally from town so it is advisable to have less than $100 cash and/or a credit/debit card. Staff purchases from our Camp Store are deducted from your paycheck.
What should I bring to camp, and what about my laundry?
If you are hired, we will send you a Staff Handbook, which contains details on what to bring and what not to bring. Camp Haiastan has free washers and dryers easily accessible to you over the course of your stay. You will need to purchase laundry supplies. You may arrange for our outside laundry service (wash, dry & fold) through the Camp Store. A bag of laundry can cost from $10 to $15. You can have this service once per week and you may charge the cost of this service to your Camp Store account.
Will I receive training before I start my job?
Yes. All staff must attend Staff Training Week prior to beginning work, date of which is specified in the Seasonal Summer Staff Employment Application.
Do I need to be able to speak Armenian?
No. However basic knowledge of Armenian culture is very helpful.

Staff Positions

Camp Director

The Camp Director is in charge of the summer operation of Camp Haiastan. He or she assists the Executive Director in recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating the summer staff. Staff and camper supervision, assignments and schedules, as well as program and activity supervision and schedules are important Camp Director duties. The Camp Director must coordinate the Support Staff, Counselors and Program Staff to ensure a smooth, seamless operation. In a broad sense, the Camp Director must make sure that the camp operation is true to our mission of offering a high standard of safe, healthy and enjoyable camping with an emphasis on the appreciation of, and preservation of our Armenian culture and heritage for all campers and staff.  The Camp Director is also responsible for helping protect the investment in property, reputation and assets of Camp Haiastan. The Camp Director reports directly to the Executive Director.

Qualifications: At least 25 years of age, Bachelor’s Degree with professional employment experience in education, and/or physical education and recreation, and/or organized residential camp administration. Previous experience as an Assistant Camp Director, Program Director or Head Counselor is preferable. Computer skills and detailed record keeping is required.

For a full job description, click here.

Aquatic Director

The Aquatic Director will oversee the instructional and recreational activities at the swimming pool and Uncas Pond waterfront. This includes the instruction of non-swimmer and beginning-swimmer lessons for ages 5 – 16, and beginning to intermediate level instruction of canoeing, kayaking and Sunfish sailing. In addition the Aquatics Director will direct, supervise and evaluate lifeguards and instructors assigned to the program and teach alongside them as well as responsibility for the basic maintenance and operation of the swimming pool and camp’s small craft at the pond. The Aquatics Director reports directly to the Summer Director.

Mandatory Qualifications: At least 21 years of age. Valid possession of: Water Safety Instructor or Aquatic Director, Life Saving, CPR/First Aid, and Small Craft Certifications through the Red Cross, YMCA, Boy/Girl Scouts, or other nationally or internationally recognized organization. Demonstrated ability to direct, supervise and evaluate subordinates. Computer skills, record keeping and maintenance are required.

Preferred Qualifications: Valid possession of Certified Pool/Spa Operator, and recent previous experience as Water Safety Inst., Head Lifeguard, and swimming and small craft instructor in a camp environment equipped with both swimming pool and pond or lake waterfront.

Behavior Specialist

Position Summary: A Behavior Specialist is responsible for supporting daily camping operations through individual and group assistance while promoting, modeling and implementing positive behavior management strategies for campers and staff alike. This individual will be a motivated team member who has displayed a record of achievement in effective supervision & management of youth. The candidate must be capable of building positive relationships and ensuring the safety and well-being of all campers and staff members throughout the summer season.

Background Required and Qualifications: 2-5 years of relevant experience working as a behavioral specialist or licensed school counselor Behavior management experience as it pertains to the position for which you are applying. Previous experience working with children in a supervisory or administrative capacity

Principal Duties or Responsibilities: Monitor safety and all procedures as they pertain to the complete supervision of all campers and staff Develop behavior strategies for all campers/counselors to be successful at camp Responsible for handling behavior management issues camp wide Coach administration on effective strategies to minimize common behavior problems Responsible for implementing a range of positive strategies that promote positive behavior, including crisis intervention and family support and involvement Develop relationships with parents and guardians; keeping close communication with them when necessary Develop positive behavior management plan guidelines Develop positive behavioral intervention strategies Evaluate positive behavior management plan and revise as needed Assist Executive Director and nurse in whatever capacity needed Monitor groups for behavior trends: positive and negative Help to provide an atmosphere for developing good morale and well-being Facilitate trainings two times per summer based on behavior concerns and issues.

Program Coordinator

Essentially, you have experience working with youth and/or camp counselors in teaching activities that focus on creative ways to engage both campers and staff to add value to sports, arts and crafts, games and the like. You may have coached sports and know how to connect with young adults. You may be a teacher or a parent with experience in making the mundane exciting.

Background Required and Qualifications: College student or graduate. One year experience instructing children in a group setting. Two or more years experience is preferred. Teaching experience preferred. Coaching background preferred. Ability to motivate and engage children and manage behavioral challenges. A positive attitude, you must be enthusiastic, energetic, creative & sensitive to children. Good judgment and sound decision making. Ability to provide a supportive and caring environment for children.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Facilitate programming to advance the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of our campers while prioritizing safety. Ensuring program activities are scheduled and carried out on time. Encourage staff engagement and responsibility during all activity periods. Follow licensing regulations/standards, such as reporting child incidents and proper health and hygiene procedures. Continuously monitor environment, to maintain a safe and healthy site. Provide a caring family-oriented environment where positive staff, child, and parent relationships are fostered.

Cabin Counselors

Positions for men and women to work and live directly with campers within a cabin group teaching, guiding and mentoring the skills of daily small group living away from home. In essence the Cabin Counselor is the surrogate parent for campers assigned to them for two-week sessions. Cabin Counselors are responsible for no more than eight campers. Cabin Counselors are accountable for their campers at all times and will mentor them in aspects of camp life including but not limited to: Activity participation, daily personal hygiene, dining, all-camp activities, free-time and quiet time. Counselors, where qualified will teach within the program areas of the camp, but all counselors assist with all programs and activities of the camp. Computer skills, record keeping and maintenance are required. Cabin Counselors report directly to the Head Counselors, and Camp Director.

Preferred Qualifications: At least 18 years of age. Previous experience as a paid or volunteer camp counselor, Staff-In-Training, youth leader, recreation leader, teacher’s assistant and/or Camp Haiastan camper.

Activity Instructors & Teachers

Specialists and instructors work with and supervise campers in various program and activity areas of camp. These areas include: Waterfront/small craft, swimming pool, Armenian culture, archery, outdoor living skills, arts & crafts, multimedia, ROPES challenge course, sports & games and many more.

Preferred Qualifications: Are the same as Cabin Counselors.  Specialists and instructors must have proficiency skill as well teaching/participation experience.  Computer skills, record keeping and maintenance are required.

Mandatory Qualifications:  By law, valid certification is required for many Instructor positions: Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard, Small Craft and Archery.


Exclusively for young men and women who turn 17 by the first day of staff training week.

This is a great opportunity for 17 year olds to make the transition from camper to staff and get paid!  SIT’s have responsibilities and assignments each week and are held accountable as any other staff person.

SIT’s will work under supervision in three areas of the camp on a rotating schedule: Counselor-In-Training, Kitchen and Maintenance in order to become prepared and trained to work as future 18 year olds in any of these areas of camp.

Computer skills, record keeping and maintenance are required.

SIT’s report directly to the Camp Director (and caretaker, at times).

Support Staff

These positions provide support for overall camp operation: Health Center, kitchen, maintenance and summer office. Computer skills, record keeping and maintenance is required.

Age and/or certification requirements:

Camp Nurse: Must be licensed RN or LPN and experienced in residential camp environment.  Reports directly to the Camp Director. Click here for a full job description.

Nurse’s Assistant: Must be enrolled in RN degree program with CPR, AED, and First Aid Certifications.  Reports directly to the Camp Nurse.

Lower Office Secretary: Must be 18 years of age, computer savvy, photography skills preferred. Must have good organizational skills.

Staff Expectations

To prospective staff candidates:
We expect that all staff members display a high level of personal and professional responsibility. Camp living is in “tight quarters” and works best when each person is caring, respectful, responsible and supportive of each other. Camp Haiastan has high standards for the behavior and conduct of its staff. Work at camp is very demanding, yet is also extremely fulfilling.