Top 3 Safety Tips When Going Camping

Did you know that you can rent the 100 acres at our Camp Haiastan located in Franklin, MA on Uncas Pond? If you are planing a team building event for your employees or some other type of a social gathering and you need an excellent location outdoors, this is the perfect spot for you. You can rent our space during the off-season camping period, and you will get to enjoy a series of top facilities able to comfortably accommodate up to 175 campers.

If you wish to learn more about these facilities as well as how to stay safe during your camping event, read the next few lines.

What Will You Find Here?

You will enjoy the following facilities here with us:

  • restrooms;
  • an infirmary;
  • a dining hall endowed with the full range of cooking facilities;
  • washstands;
  • basketball courts and an athletic field;
  • a picnic ground;
  • showers, an office hall and a pavilion.

These facilities should provide you with everything you will need to have a great time here without feeling there is anything missing.

1.Don’t Let A Few Bad Apples Ruin Your Experience

Just like everything else in life, a few bad apples do have the ability to ruin your entire camping experience. This is especially true at those campsites that normally gather large numbers of visitors. Camping thefts are not uncommon, even though they occur less often than other types of property theft. They usually occur when camping parties go on extensive hikes or get engaged in distractive activities, which causes them to leave their things behind or unsupervised.

Clothes, wallets, phones, laptops, car keys, and even expensive camping or hiking gear can fall into the hands of opportunist camping thieves. Here is what you can do to avoid turning into one of the victims:

  • Stay safe, but don’t complicate things. You do not have to get in touch with a security company and ask them to deliver their most advanced, full-on security system. While barbed wire fencing around your tent or the camping area would make a great difference, it does not mean that you cannot stay safe without one. All you need to do is use you common sense and some extra care and keep your personal items well protect.
  • Mingle and get acquainted with the people you will be surrounded by at nighttime. If you do not know one another well enough from work or you are complete strangers belonging to different camping groups, you will need to introduce ourself and get a sense of their trustworthiness.
  • Grab your wallet, phone, and car keys on you at all times. Carry a fanny pack you can wear close to your skin, beneath your clothes and make sure you carry these critical items on you at all times.

2.Protect Your Parked Car When Camping

  • Talk to an expert car locksmith like the guys here and have them evaluate the current state of your car locks and keys. The smallest glitch or vulnerability could trigger the stealing of your car or at least a break-in resulting in loss and damage.
  • Prevent that by making sure your locks are working in top shape. Install a car alarm and even consider asking an automotive locksmith to install a steering wheel or tire/wheels locks. Hire a local car locksmith in your area or opt for a nationwide company like Authorized Locksmiths that handle 24/7 lockout emergencies as well as any other type of a lock or key problem on vehicles, homes, or commercial buildings. Since you will be traveling to a remote area you might not be familiar with for your camping plans, you will need to put their number on speed dial so you can rapidly contact them in case of an handle car locksmith problems

3.Keep Your Valuables In Your Vehicle

Once you are certain your car is well secured, it is highly advisable to use it as your deposit place for your most expensive or important items you have packed.

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